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  1. Cuervofm

    Issues loading into the game

    I'm having issues loading to the game. Stuck on load screen and after a while the disable airplane mode or enable wifi message appears even if I'm online. Game and ipadOS (13.3.1) are up to date. I followed the procedure on the link of this post but still no access. Any other ideas? Thanks
  2. How do you know if you are banned? Do they tell you explicitly?
  3. Cuervofm


    Its so lame that developers code bots to actually slow down and wait for you when they are ahead but can't code cheaters from ramming you in every possible scenario. In duel grid starts every time the guy that starts from 6 crosses over, hits you and you get the penalty. ***? At the end of the straight the same thing they just ram you and that's it, race over. Side by side and the same thing. After reading several posts it looks like the all of their games have had the same cheating issues since the beginning so its not going to change, its actually the way they design their games. First and last codelamos game.
  4. Cuervofm


    The cheating is getting out of hand, this is a post from another user that I completely agree. "Grid starts and sprints come down to who can cheat better. Quali is the only race worth racing. At the start, if the guy starting in 6th immediately darts over and hits you, he should auto lose. Cut the corner at the Nouvelle chicane at Monte Carlo? Auto lose. Side by side down a straight and you ram your competitor? Auto lose." What's the point of investing in a game where the cheaters win.
  5. Cuervofm


    Completely agree. What a bunch of LOSERS. Can't win without cheating, even if they spend hundreds of dollars on their cars.