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  1. I can't believe devs of the VR patch didn't do this...maybe this is actually a defect? ..... anyway...... Now that you have released VR update how about you give us a popup launch option when running the game in steam to either run it normal or vr. If you look at project cars 2 when you launch it prompts you if you want to run it normally, with htc vive or with oculus. This is just basic common sense and seriously cannot understand how it ever got released without this option. Show a lack of use case testing. I know there is a HACK to edit xml file to disable VR but sometimes i want to play 2D and in VR so don't want to edit xml config file each time. Apart from that loving the VR patch.
  2. That 1st core thing has nothing to do with this. Every n seconds there is a cpu spike, it has nothing to do with overloading cores. I believe it is the game doing some dodgy polling with the usb steering wheel . For me if i unplug my logitech wheel the spike goes away and use xbox controller.......errr but i want to use my wheel. Don't know if it is just happening with logitech wheels, but that is what causes it for me. So yeah just have to live with it, doesn't have a huge impact but it is definitely there. I was a bit miffed to hear this existed in previous game and yes still have not sorted it.