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  1. Fr3ddyJa3

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    The content for season 3 will have been completed months ago. It’s now on what’s known and a scheduled release (an automated timed release) for those like myself who want to pay for it in support of the game. They are not working on it now, as it takes at least 2 weeks to get xbox certification plus QA plus fixes etc. So all content is ready to go, they may be still working on the last parts of season 4 (but again as a digital artist myself) I would not suspect this to be the case at all as it would be irresponsible, reckless and potentially fatal to company. In reality most content was finished when the game launched and a skeleton crew would finalise the release schedule while the teams work on F1 and Grid. By chopping it up and charging for each season they get additional financial support after the game launches as they work on other titles. I love this delivery method as should everyone here who wants codemasters to succeed. I’m actually all in favour of adding micro transactions for legendary skins and increasing the cost of the DLC so we can fund and support them this way also.
  2. Would be good for users though so they what is and isn’t being looked at or has o4 hadn’t been reported.
  3. Fr3ddyJa3

    Possibility of Purchasable Skins?

    I think you misunderstood. I mean like Apex Legends skins etc. I bought the heirloom skins which cost me around $200 but I did it to fund and support the development of the game. I would buy a limited edition skin for $100 as it would give me exclusivity and show I supported the game with a large donation. It doesn’t need to cost them $100, they just need to make exclusive skins that are expensive so high earners like me can support future development. By increasing DLC costs and skins cost they can get extra money from those willing to pay and it doesn’t negatively affect low earners etc. It just gives me a nicer rarer livery for $200 for example.
  4. I have just bought DR2 and was hoping that legendary liveries were included in the game. I did some research and it seems that codemasters say they are not included due to costs, yet other companies state they are not expensive for some reason? As a high earner I love the current DLC roadmap as it allows me to fund the game and future development via this content delivery method. I’ve bought the game and all DLC on 3 platforms and will buy all future DLC. I am also a firm believer that the DLC is too cheap and I would like to see the price increased even doubled. Regarding skins. I personally I have enough disposable income to happily pay $25 for a single skin and I think this model would be a huge benefit for the DR franchise. I understand that not everyone can afford to buy skins, however that doesn’t mean high earners like me should be excluded or discriminated against if we can supply money to the devs to help fund future DLC for the game then we should be allowed to do so. I would personally prefer to donate or pay up to $100+ for a skin depending on its rarity which will help fund the future of the game. Please keep supporting the game, consider increasing the price of the DLC and also look at creating exclusive skins for a VIP pass that high earners like myself can purchase that will help support and fund the game and provides no benefit other than cosmetic but demonstrates visually that I donated $100 to the team and received an exclusive skin on my car that not everyone else has.