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  1. Any of you know how to make it work the dash board, in a 3 screen setup? I can't make it work. So annoying
  2. Lokpes2

    Sli - triple screen

    F1-2019 doesn't work with sli? and it doesn't have triple screen support? I have 2 TItan x in sli in my computer and can't get more then 30 fps on ultra. on project cars 2, I have 120 100 fps. I have used rivatuner to see if the game was using 100% os the graphics card. and it doesn't. I wonder if there is any solution for that. a almost forget that the game doesn't support 7320x1440. Maybe codemaster could patch it out? Anyone have this problem?
  3. Lokpes2

    Nvidia new driver adds SLI Profile

    What do you mean? I tried today to play with sli and trilescreen. And it didn’t work. only one card works the other one doesn’t. i get like 40 50 FPS