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  1. Hi there, The logitech G923 True force wheel isn't an option in this game yet. Does anyone know if the wheel will be added as the features the wheel offer would be ideal in the game.
  2. Hi there, Recently bought the game and was wondering if the new logitech G923 True force wheel will be added to the wheel selection?
  3. I bought the game well before the wheel. When they advertised the wheel they said it would be compatible with the new F1 game. Yes the force and wheel works, the rev counter doesn't and if it did it would add a whole new element to the game.
  4. So frustrating when you pay so much for all its features and you can't use it
  5. What about the REV counter? Is this advice for the G923?
  6. Not to sure, my wheel is fine. Just dont have the trueforce or rev counter working.
  7. Is that for Xbox 1 or Pc because I've tried finding it with not alot of luck?
  8. Any ideas when this wheel is going to be compatible with F1 2020? Had it for a few weeks now and really wanting to use its features. Cheers
  9. Elliott1

    Logitech G923

    Yeah the wheel works fine, The force back from it is immense, easily the best wheel around to date. So light to use aswell and to feel everything through the wheel is great. I thought that would be the case, hopefully they bring an update soon as the rev counter would be awesome.
  10. Elliott1

    Logitech G923

    Im on Xbox one, Just the list of wheels dont have the G923, The rev counter doesn't work on the wheel when playing f1 2020 also.
  11. Elliott1

    Logitech G923

    Hi there, ive bought this wheel but the game doesn't have the wheel listed. Does anyone know when they will update this?
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