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  1. A.I. is getting faster and faster when you upgrade the car 🙂 That is the reason why you are getting slower then your teammate 🙂 You should lower your difficulty level every year, then you can enjoy the game 🙂
  2. There is no Update for Formula 2 Drivers Performance !!! You just nerfed A.I. of Artem Markelov and thats it ... There is still very stupid and unrealistic results in Formula 2, Mick Schumacher is still 12. to 14. in the game ... And i dont want to talk about new bugs. I cant choose SS Tyre in Australia 100% Feature Race for the start of the race 🙂 All A.I. Drivers are started with SS Tyres and i cant chose that Tyre xD I cant believe guys 🙂
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