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  1. please please please for the love of god trigger the turbo wastegate/blow off valve sound when you come off the throttle instead of on gear change only... It's not realistic at all.... Also noted that the Audi S1 seems to have at least 3 totally different sounds from the wastegate/blow off valve... What's that all about? lol
  2. nescafe37

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Ok chaps I bought dirt 2.0 on steam and it ran like dogs do do so I bought the oculus version and wow what a major improvement. I did however still had a slight stutter every 2-3 seconds. I managed to fix this problem by unplugging one of my HID controllers whilst in the game. Now it runs butterly smooth but what I have not tried yet is to do the same thing with the steam version as I had to uninstall it from my SSD to make more room. Can anyone here try it on these steam version to see if it helps at all?