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  1. DarthAstaroth

    Strange Russian text on Multiplayer cars liveries

    Yes, "to charge" is another translation of this word, however, this should not appear in Russian there anyway (at least not in form of a verb). Better to keep it as "charge" then, moreover, there are a plus and a minus signs and "charge" won't look awful. If Russian text is a must in that place, Codemasters may use the Russian word "Заряд". It is a noun, means "a charge" and correlates with the minus and plus images.
  2. Hello @Codemasters! Recently I was browsing Multiplayer cars livery templates and found strange text in Russian as a sponsor on several cars (see images). As a Russian native speaker and a professional translator from English I can definitely confirm that this word is not appropriate here. In fact this is a verb in infinitive form meaning "to blame/accuse". Perhaps, some part of localized text appeared in the wrong place. Please fix this, as it looks very odd. Screenshots with the odd text attached.