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  1. So I did about 5 races this week and it doesn't feel as though anything has changed ffb-wise, at least on the ps4 pro. I can't be bothered to unpatch the game but it feels exactly as I remember it on day one. The only thing that I can think of to account for people feeling a difference is if they change cars, or if they compare different sessions. For example, I drove the 2019 Ferrari and it felt kind of heavy and saturated and rubbery. But then I tried the 2019 Renault, and it felt much better, almost as if the physics and ffb has a more detailed, higher fidelity than the Ferrari. There is also a massive difference in feeling as the track rubbers up over the weekend. So in the early practice sessions it feels kind of floaty, but then in the race itself it always feels great,,as there is a distinct perception of the tyres grabbing onto the track surface, especially on the racing line, while going off line results in the floaty feeling, which I think is really good as it punishes inaccuracies and mistakes.
  2. Salvador17

    Just do it like ACC

    Thanks for that. I'm sure the ffb and physics is really good in this now, and I'm really curious to see how it feels, although I'm not crazy about gt3 cars, which is one of the reasons why ive been putting off getting this.
  3. Salvador17

    Just do it like ACC

    I think people are exaggerating about how good Assetto Corsa is in terms of ffb and physics. I suspect that this is due to the fact that it does a very good job at communicating tyre slip. But there is no doubt that it is also deficient in other areas, lack of tyre flex feel and excessive lateral movement on-throttle and not enough squat being the main ones. With regard to f1 2019 in contrast, I think people are devaluing how good it really is, despite the relatively simple tyre model. But in terms of feel, it feels more convincing that the modern single seaters in AC ever felt. The way the wheelspin and the forward thrust of the car is simulated and conveyed through the ffb in particular is far superior in F1 2019 than in ASsetto corsa, and nearly as good as it is in Pcars2. The ffb in f1 2019 will be refined incrementally each year, I'm sure, but I don't think it should copy anyone; it's gotta be right for these high downforce, high grip hybrid f1 cars.
  4. It ia not a case of dynamic range or even subjective perceptions. When, for example, you turn a surface into a fine mesh of forces to create a vibration effect, those forces will interfere with the tyres sinking into the surface. It's not merely a matter of perception, the actual sinking in will not be properly simulated via ffb. That's why you have to prioritise and that's why DR2.0 launched without any surface vibration whatsoever, and that's why the subsequent addition of surface vibration produced a more pronounced top-of-surface feel.
  5. You're still not getting it. There are limitations to what a lever mounted to a torque inducing motor can communicate, and there are limits to the amount of information that the human brain can make sense of before it becomes noise. For that reason you can't just keep cramming effect upon effect and expect the whole thing to work. Instead, you have to discriminate and prioritise. So you can either have surface vibration or tyre flex. The more pronounced the surface vibration the less pronounced the tyre flex. Likewise the more pronounced the surface vibration the less pronounced will be the tyre slip. So if you want more tyreslip feel you have to live with less surface texture and vice versa. That's just the way it is. Similarly you can either have more surface vibration or more tyre digging into surface feel. If you want more of the latter you have to live with less of the former and vice versa. In the case of DR 2.0 the devs made absolutely the right decision in prioritising surface feel and tyre digging into surface feel over a canned vibration because the former is useful info while the latter is useless noise. It's just a shame that the whiners wanted useless noise and forced Codemsters to give it to them.
  6. Salvador17

    Just do it like ACC

    Thanks. I'm glad you don't think it feels stiff because that is my main gripe with AC as it makes the tyres feel like they're made of solid rubber and there is no flex. I think I might have to update my PC though, but I'll still get it when I have a bit more time to play to see how it runs.
  7. Salvador17

    Just do it like ACC

    I'm thinking of getting this, but I'm not sure if it will run very well on my PC. Is the ffb in this very different from Assetto Corsa? Specifically did they address the issue they had in AC where you couldn't feel tyre flex very well and there was too much lateral movement and not enough squat in on-throttle wheelspin type situations? Or is that irrelevant due to traction control in GT 3 cars?
  8. You're just not getting it. Adding a canned micro bump/vibration effect covers up the more subtle and more informative aspects of the ffb. It effectively creates a mesh of forces on the surface of the stages that interferes with the feel for the tyres digging into the surface, thus giving a more pronounced top-of-the-surface feel. This is a rally sim and is meant to simulate driving over soft deformable surfaces. This is not a Tarmac simulator like assetto corsa which can get away with heavy bump effects. And even in that sim the bumps are physics-derived and there are no canned vibration effects.
  9. oh I have a driver's license, and several cars and motorbikes. And I've been sim racing with ffb wheels for more than a decade. Name a sim and chances are I've got it either on my ps4 or my PC right now. But even if I didn't drive and DR2.0 was my only racing game, how would that prove that the devs who made the ffb for DR 2.0 are incompetent idiots who need people like you to set them straight? What makes you better qualified than the devs over at codemasters to design a great ffb. Evidently with expertise like yours I'm surprised they haven't offered you a job yet. I truly am...not.
  10. Dirt rally 1 had a very simple physics model and consequently the ffb was very simple as well. Consequently the devs added a lot of fake effects and vibrations to make it feel richer and to cover up the physics and ffb deficiencies. How DIrt Rally 1 ffb became the pinnacle of rally game ffb boggles the mind. Absolutely boggles it.
  11. The ffb is for sure a bit worse than what was available before patch 4. You are free to feel differently but don't mix personal preferences with mandatory requirements about how FFB should be made.
  12. Like I said, the devs at codemasters are exceedingly blessed with people like you to set them straight and tell them exactly what canned effects are needed to satisfy your senses... and only your senses.
  13. Evidently also the devs who made the ffb in DR2.0 don't understand what simulation (game) is and what it should provide. Thank God they are blessed with people like you to set them straight.
  14. Salvador17

    How to downgrade to 1.03 patch / version

    Not possible. You can play version1.0 if you delete the game and reinstall offline. And if you are on console. What's so special about version1.03, if I may ask?
  15. I'm telling you, it hasn't been the same since the update. You can get it pretty close to how it was by turning the suspension to 0, but it's not quite the same. If you don't belive me, unpatch the game and see for yourself. But as long as there was a "consensus" that there was too little ffb, whatever that means, it's all good. After all there was a consensus that the earth is flat, so it must be flat, right? The problem with you guys is that you don't think. You repeat what gamer muscle and jimmy broadbend have told you. I mean there were literally reviews trashing the ffb on DR2.0 within an hour of the game launching, with no attempt to set up the ffb properly, no attempt to understand what the devs were trying to accomplish etc. It was a simple case of no vibration = game is trash. 1 star.