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  1. Hi Jane, I was doing research, everything brought me back 2 forums. I decided I would leave my issues as well so that in the off chance these forums r monitored they would see that it is a lot of different peoples issues on different systems. Thanks for bringing this 2 my attention anyway. 👍
  2. Hi everyone. I kinda have multiple bugs 2 list. I have contacted codemasters through messenger and email hut no reply. 1st. The ai is crazy fast like I cant beat them on masters and I am nearly setting wr times. (Have pics for proof) theybhave beat me with times better than wr 2nd I cant pick soft tyres, I choose them then go back 2 service i have mediums on but performance during stage is like using hards 3rd i dont think the engine upgrades make any change 2 car performance. It says it does but I have seen no difference. Any help would be appreciated. I play on playstation 4 pro I bought my game from psn. Would deleting and reinstalling software help with any of these?