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  1. CMF1mobile

    2020 Survey

    We have BIG plans for F1® Mobile Racing for 2020 - and we want to make sure your requests are listened to! Please take a few minutes to fill out our new survey, and help us shape the future of the game. Survey is located here : https://bit.ly/35YEGRo
  2. Please can you reply?

  3. Hello @PeakPump please contact our Customer Support Via Helpshift and be sure to give them information regarding your Device, also if possible a list of tracks you have had this issue occur on. They will be sure to help you all they can in resolving this issue Thanks
  4. CMF1mobile

    Can’t collect daily parts boxes

    Hello everyone, Happy New Year! We have resolved this issue, we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you are still having issues claiming your Free Daily box or your VIP Box then please contact Customer Supports Via Helpshift and they will assist you. Thanks
  5. Please respond to my messages.

  6. Can I have my profile back, after it was deleted when I reloaded the game in an attempt to fix the loading issue - please? 

  7. Hello everyone, We are aware that some players are having issues loading into the game. We are currently working on a permanent fix for this issue. If you are facing this issue please see the below workaround. https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?p=web&s=hot-topics-known-issues&f=ios-only---the-game-gets-stuck-on-the-load-screen-with-the-formula-1-licensed-product-image-in-the-middle Do not attempt any other workarounds, this is the only one we have found currently. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused
  8. CMF1mobile

    F1 [Mobile] iOS [NOT LOADING]

    Hello everyone, We are aware of this issue and we are working on a permanent fix. Here is the workaround https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?p=web&s=hot-topics-known-issues&f=ios-only---the-game-gets-stuck-on-the-load-screen-with-the-formula-1-licensed-product-image-in-the-middle Thanks
  9. CMF1mobile

    Brazil GP: Bronze with 44,059 points?!?

    Hey @Fierce, you just missed out on Silver! If you got 639 more points, you would have been in the Silver Tier. Top player in Bronze has 44,697 points Top player in Silver has 49,995 points Top player in Gold has 63,603 points
  10. CMF1mobile

    Steel nimbus controller for iOS

    Hey @GRUEHLE, when you say "none of the controls respond", do you mean at the main menu or in-race? You cannot interactive with the main menu with a controller, you have to use the touch screen at this point to proceed to a race and then you will be able to use the controller during a race. If it's not working during a race, would you mind telling me what OS version you are on?
  11. You're on the latest version, 1.18.17 is the latest.
  12. Hey everyone, we've just pushed a new update which should fix this issue. The update isn't a mandatory update, so the game won't go into maintenance. So, you will need to go to the app store and download the update from there. Please let us know if you are still experiencing crashes or not after downloading the update. (Please turn your device off and on after updating the game, if you are still experiencing crashes at first. This may rectify the issue) Thanks 🙂
  13. CMF1mobile

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Thanks for your video! This is exactly the sort of stuff we are looking for, clear unfair scenarios that have a negative effect on your Duels experience
  14. Hello all, Over the past month we have been collecting from you, the community a list of top issues to improve F1® Mobile Racing. We have nailed down a handful of top issues that we plan to improve in the next few updates! These issues are at the top of our priority list and will be fixed and released alongside our upcoming scheduled updates and new content. We have seen a lot of complaints regarding the quality of Duels. Mainly the fairness of duels and the Safety Rating system. We plan to tackle these issues to create a fair racing environment for all of our players. So we ask you, the community to share videos of instances where you feel you have had an unfair experience in Duels. Share them right here! To send us the video you recorded: 1- Go to https://streamable.com/ 2- Click on "Upload video" and choose the video you have recorded; 3- Once your video has been uploaded, copy the Streamable URL below it, and attach it to your post. Please use the Agree reaction for any that you have personally experienced or feel should be prioritised so we can tackle these issues and improve everyone’s Duels experience. As always, thanks for playing F1® Mobile Racing
  15. CMF1mobile

    The wandering random brake pedal.

    Hi @ASFiguana, we're going to need some more details in order to figure out what's going on here 🙂 Could you provide us with the following information: What Device you're using? (iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 etc) What OS is the Device on? (iOS 13, Android 6 etc) What Control Scheme and Acceleration option are you using? (Tilt Device, Left/Right, Steering Wheel) What is your Steering Sensitivity at? (-10, +5 etc) What Assists are you using? (Braking: Low, Stability: Full etc) It would also be useful if you could provide a video: To send us the video you recorded: 1- Go to https://streamable.com/ ; 2- Click on "Upload video" and choose the video you have recorded; 3- Once your video has been uploaded, copy the Streamable URL below it, and send it to us.