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  1. Tomi2777

    Verry goot parch 1.18

    Thanks you very much. Game is very very good
  2. Tomi2777

    Codemasters what???

    Hello, you really don't plan to do anything with the frame rate during pauses in ps4 boxes
  3. Good day. I want to ask if asseto corsa has in the game mod champions of the whole F1 season. If somebody is trying to get advice. Codmasters I wrote that the game is unplayable when AI stop in the pits. The image starts to tear. Problem about fps. But I don't react to it in general so I want to try another game with F1. This from codemasters is unplayable. During a pit stop in AI boxes. Game ps4 pro
  4. I can ask codemasters why don't fix the frame rate on ps4 pro. In qualifying and training races, when I am on the track and when the AI rider enters the pits, the game begins to mow. I've tried everything and still unchanged it's pretty bad and frustrating for the money. Because I bought a lot of money from you, I hope I deserve a good answer. Game for ps4 pro. The AI race goes into the pits and the picture starts to tear.
  5. Tomi2777

    AI pit bugs

    Codemasters please help
  6. Tomi2777

    AI pit bugs

    Anyone can help. Reinstall did not help
  7. Tomi2777

    AI pit bugs

    Good day. Please help a lot. Why the game run smoothly and fine. And during the qualifying and training races when the AI goes into the pits, the image starts to tear. I gave the last money for the game because I love F1. But I don't play the game because the tearing is depressing and lasts for the whole AI stop in pits. I always know when others stop in pits because it starts to tear. Please answer as your customer. Game ps4 pro.