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  1. Do this pacht fix the problems of rotations for the fanatec wheels on csw 2,5 base? @BarryBL
  2. Yes marcell,i install the last driver of fanatec,but same situations....at this point Is a Codemasters problem.
  3. Thank you for the reply Yes,i try AUTO sens also in the 1.06,but feel like have less response when come back central and the wheel don t block in the moment you arrive ti max angle. I repeat,Is a solution but Is not the real solution;if we Need to drive in this mode ok,but it's frustrating. Thank again
  4. The problems are: -If you turn to the right in the game,in the real you can still turn and you are in a dead zone; -increase rotation mean less respons when you return central -every lap are not the same , discontinuity. To be more easy:why i Need to increase grade rotation ?! If was the solution,ok i don t care,but Is not a solution,Is more like"ok i can drive,but Is like drive a gp2 car"
  5. Still no Fanatec rotation issue fix xbox This video Is before the pacht today and still problem. With the DD,MAYBE,no problems but with CSW 2,5 we can t drive. seen this couple weeks ago and I have to do same. Whatever my in game rotation is as in say 360 I double the sen to 720 not ideal as it’s still not right. Where as 2020 was spot on rotation
  6. 1.07 and still no fix fanatec wheels... 3 pacht.......we have tournaments to do........
  7. even after patch 1.5 the wheel rotation problem persists: tried to switch to pc mode and then xbox; detach and reattach the steering wheel; switch the console off and on again alternately; in party and non-party groups; in all game modes (gp, tt, online); also tried with the steering wheel degrees at 800 and AUTO (as suggested in another thread) but it remains a driving style of "yes ok I can drive, but I'm from f2 (or gp2 as Alonso would say); I really don't know what to do, first time I have encountered this problem since 2017. I answered here because it was one of the first posts to talk ab
  8. Hello everybody I have another question: The Australia track had modify or remain the same? I Remember in the 2019 we ran the tracks of Singapore and Messico without the 2 drs zone and in Germany with drs instead to remove It.
  9. When the game it was release,the steering it was egual,pad and wheel, After,they patch(the famous pacht of 21 july)and the game change.....
  10. Hello everybody So this new mech style,that we found in the 2020,it was already try(like test)in the f1 2019?if yes....another year for pad OP....GGWP
  11. Last year doesn't so fast:a lot of player-pad lost the car during traction moments. Last year,in my league people with pad ran 1 second slower and this year,without spend time on training,run 0,5 sec slower than me..... Without training..........
  12. Of course....but sometimes the silence(of Codemasters) is a valid answer when "you"(in this case "us") show all these evidence.
  13. I told him in the previous page;this year you see the difference. You think i make TT in germany(1:10:458) with pad and no traction controll(abs on) and my time was 1 sec slower with 20 minutes play.....if i play everyday for 3 hour.......but why?
  14. I start to play on 2017 in a league and continue now. The difference beatween the 2 hardware this year is very huge unfortunately...but important is to enjoy and havr a fun with the players (in my League they have respect on the track).
  15. Thank you for explain I use the cam before the cockpit aniway And i use a wheel XD
  16. Hello guys,i have one question: When you say"tcam",what do you mean? The traction controll or some camera settings ?i don t understand.... What benefit bring,if tcam mean camera,a visual for run with out assist?
  17. From 2017 to 2018 my felling with the game it was the same,so i upgrade with wheel;my time decrease very fast and was happy. Now ,with 2019 ,my time is the same of the last year and people with pad,people that drive 0.600 slow than me in 2018,is faster then me 0.400 since... Just no words
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