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  1. zolofyourlife

    Enough is enough CM

    People are angry and I fully understand that. Codemaster have been treating theirs base customers so poorly and the patch 1.10 put oil on the fire for many of them. It's been 5 weeks without a patch that TRY to fixe some of the issues. CM has tell us with the patch 1.10 that prefer develop cosmetic over offering a better quality of the game by patching the issues that we encounter. For many players the solution is simple roll back to patch 1.04 including myself. Why is so hard to CM to say alright it seems like we have made some moves in the wrong direction let's roll back to patch 1.04 and work from there to offers a better game for the people that pay our salaries. As much i love F1 and F1 game for me it would be the last one. The patch 1.10 it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Carrer mode is so broken with R&D and AI developping way too fast Williams passing from the last position to first in two season TWO SEASON and put us 1 to 1,5 sec each lap. I don't think it have too many rains session it just when it rains it become impossible to compete against AI and the list goes on and on but people above me have already address them.
  2. zolofyourlife

    bug that i have found so far

    Thanks you smudger1982 for taking your time to answer to my topic. Yes I did. The only thing that I changed is the steering wheel saturation and put it at 5 all of the others option are at 0. At the begining of the game, I didn't have any problem at all but since 2 or 3 patch it all started. I also asked to a friend that play the game on PS4 with controller as well and he told me that he have the same issue that I have for some random reason but mostly happen when you go to higher gears like 7 or 8 or downshifting gears near turns the car turn left ( you can see the driver turning the wheel left in the game even if I doesn't touch left joystick). For exemple, when i'm playing monaco GP ( no long straight line mostly short line) it doesn't happen but when i'm playing Azerbaijan, Canada, China basically all the straights lines when you can go on 7 or 8 gear for a relatively long period of time it could do it to me like 2 or 3 times. In brief, it happen so frequently in those Grand Prix i need to put flashback back on otherwise i would not be able to finish any Grand Prix without crashing into the wall and online it's almost impossible to finish a circuit without boxing for a new front wing.
  3. zolofyourlife

    bug that i have found so far

    thanks for the answers but i'm wondering if it is my controller would it be defective as well in other game? so far that i know isn't the case.
  4. zolofyourlife

    bug that i have found so far

    Hi everyone Here somes bugs that i have found during my time playing this game - car going left for no reason here some video. sorry in advance for the bad quality of it - when racing online, at the podium characters appear green for 2-3 seconde -when switching views from front to behind to watch the other drivers (right joystick on PS4) it stay on the views even if you let go the joystick. for your information i play with a controller on PS4 like it is mentionned above 1eqT04IHQoy+ogiW0HVIng.MOV UB+kI7bfSnq9cv8wbJXm8Q.MOV
  5. zolofyourlife

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    @Faya I dont know if i am the only one to have this issue but since two or three weeks now, when i go to higher gear like 7 or 8 my car randomly and suddenly turn left and it could do it like 2 or 3 time on a straight line.