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  1. High speed crash and a miraclous escape from terminal damage on s6. Not even a puncture. 🙏
  2. Yes, the lack of grip, and any feel of what the tires are doing, is quite ridicilous.
  3. You mean by driving the fastest time for every other stage?
  4. Went reasonably well with about three spins. I wonder how the icy sections feel with a well tuned Accuforce? With T300 there's almost nothing, unless you ramp up the forces, but then dry sections feel awful (clipping).
  5. No confidence - tentative run. Had to adjust gamma twice mid-stage because of white washout, lol. No incidents though, which was nice.
  6. It seems I could have been 2nd with Skoda, without the game crashing on the last stage. That's encouraging.
  7. Effing heck. US stages went fine (slowish but steady) until the last stage, where my VR just froze. Apparently got no recorded time for it. I wish there was a way to redrive it, but hey ho.
  8. Well, that was painful, and some lessons were learned. FPS-problems in S1. Has happened once before with a night stage, but no clue what causes it. Defo affected my driving. Silly crash on S2. One of those were the car slides off-throttle, and instead of doing something I waited it out (ie. I froze). The slide ended in a tree. Tried to push for the time lost, but then hit a rock on a 4 left corner, where the co-driver nonchalantly says "caution", but doesn't mention the rocks outside. There's a similar corner with a similar note earlier, where there is absolutely no reason for "caution"..
  9. A noob question, as I don't have much experience with R5. Do the soft tires last for three long stages in a row?
  10. Scratch made with a scratch made 3D-template: Available here.
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