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  1. Hey bro. I had the same on multiplayer as you. If you use MSI afterburner and River Tuner just to monitor to see any bottlenecks. In my case it was nothing to do with the graphics settings but the heat of my graphics card because of this game. It only happens with this game too. You don't need to overclock anything, just move the Power limit/temp limit to max and your fan to max on MSI and set frame limit in River Tuner to 60. This fixed everything for me except lag backs in qualifying when the game communicates with online servers - nothing i can do about this one. Let me know if this helps you bro
  2. Hi Barca. I will try and help you instead of like others be unhelpful and say search issue already to which no one gave the answer. I had these same problems. Please tell me your specs of your PC. Do you have MSI afterburner installed? Have you turned off steam overlay and nvidea overlay if you have nvidea card?
  3. Lag when communicating with online services - happens in qualifying lagging me back 0.5 seconds each time, costing me grid position. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Missing tracks

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    Multiplayer Time Trial

    Been doing time trial against some friends times but it would be so cool to do this multiplayer in the same lobby. What do you guys think?
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    I want my money back

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    what exactly is the hack i'm looking at?
  9. exactly the same and lag when communicating with online servers happens i9 9900k 32gb rtx2080 - it's the blooming game
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    Logitech G29 not working on PC

    I have the same wheel and it works okay for me. Sometimes the force feedback doesn't work or it doesn't work at all so i have to disconnect and reconnect the usb. Have you set wheel controls in the options and disabled any controls that might affect it?