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  1. Seriously? The game hasn't even been out 2 months yet. It is very early in the game's life cycle, and way to early to be talking about not supporting things until the next game. Also, why on earth are Codemasters still producing a brand new F1 game each year? It no longer makes sense. They'd be much better off getting people to buy season passes, and pushing out incremental updates. It'd also benefit the fans, who could play any season they like. Imagine being able to play a multi year career, from 2014 to 2019, with historically accurate driver changes and team changes. That's the kind of thing that would be achievable if they didn't scrap the previous version of the game every year.
  2. Once you've set compatibility mode, you need to close the game and open it again, otherwise it will not recognise the wheel. If in doubt, restart your Playstation.
  3. It's these two buttons...
  4. Thank you for the quick feedback! I tried my wheel for the first time last night, and was very confused that it wasn't recognised at all. I figured it must have been related to the new patch. Good luck finding the problem, and thanks again.