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  1. hi there i cannot seem to access the site through the sign up page and i wish to join up
  2. hey everyone  i am looking for a league on F1 2014 when the game is released i am an average to good driver but not the quickest. I am available all days and anytime and i also use assists straight away. I have been searching for a fun fair league for a while but have been unable to find one so i am hoping this time it will be perfect
  3. Hello everyone my name is Ryan and i am creating a league on F1 2014 when the game will be released the console will be confirmed when the game will be announced but it will be on Playstation. I have not had a good time creating leagues but i want to start fresh and go for it again if you are interested then message balding4forest on PSN or like my facebook page which i will link  https://www.facebook.com/Ps3OnlineF1WorldChampionship?fref=ts
  4. not sure where to put this but i would like a partner to do a 100% co.op with if anyone is interested message my PSN balding4forest (love 100% on Codemasters f1 games)
  5. yer could you try that for me because i have noo idea lol
  6. hey PETE i joined one of your leagues before but right now i can't remember my username so i cannot access the site
  7. Hi everyone i am looking for a league on a Sunday night on PS3 i am a decent clean racer and i would love to join a league on Sundays
  8. I am starting up a league on Playstation on F1 2013. I have a facebook page to update all the standings and results. If interested either post on the page i have linked or send me a message on PS3 (I.D balding4forest) https://www.facebook.com/Ps3OnlineF1WorldChampionship?fref=ts
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