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  1. As a Lotus Elise owner there’s no question I’ll be recreating Team Lotus and promoting Schumacher Jr into F1. I’m still undecided on the PU though, it’s between Renault and Honda. I’m now on PC for this year’s edition so I plan to mod in liveries and real logos / sponsors etc
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    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Quote from patch 1.09 thread. Still not fixed.
  3. Smokedcheese999

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    @Faya Turning the red dial clockwise on the Logitech G29 doesn't work for me after 1.09 (I had it mapped as increase engine mode). I'm on PS4 fyi. I completed the standard diagnostics: Turn the system off/on, unplug wheel etc - still not working Tested 3x 2019 cars and 1x classic car at 4 different circuits - not working for all combinations re-mapped a different command to red dial - no success when turning clockwise. re-mapped increase engine mode to a different button - worked with the two buttons I tested "X" and "dpad right" Tried F1 2018 - red dial works (also mapped as increase engine mode). Tried Project Cars2 - red dial works I see from other threads that a couple of wheels have received tweaks, maybe those changes have adversely affected the G29 (and possibly other wheels). I'd be interested to hear if any other G29/G290 users have the same issue.