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  1. RNoctua

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    1. A tire model like the ACC. 2. AI without template behavior. At least making any mistakes. 3. Graphics without acid colors. 4. Laserscan tracks. 5. Skateboards.
  2. RNoctua

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    You're right about that. We can close our eyes to a lot of things, but without laser scanning the game loses its definition of "simulator". Especially after the games from Kunos, where laser scanning has become the norm and can't be otherwise. But people aren't happy with the lack of a career at ACC. People will always be dissatisfied with something.
  3. RNoctua

    I can't accept graphics

    Hello! Thank you! I don't think it's the settings, but the graphics settings are too different from the ACC I'm used to - they less realistic. Yesterday I tried it again and I can say that F1 2019 is a great game with good graphics. It was just hard to change the perception) I think it's a standard syndrome when you get used to some simulator (iRacing, R3F, AC, ACC etc.) and you can't adequately perceive another game, but constantly compare them with each other.
  4. RNoctua

    I can't accept graphics

    Hello, friends! Don't think it's hate, but I think the graphics are terrible. I have everything to the max, but I see a lot of glow, blur and bright sky (PC, Dx12, all max settings). It was the same in F1 2018 on PS4. I like F1, but in 2012/13 there were no so many blur and plastic trees. They look very good. The resolution is 1440p. I compare it to Asetto Corsa(+SOL) and Asetto Corsa Competizione. Maybe I'm wrong?