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  1. Still having the issue. It comes and goes. Had it twice now in the 3 days I tried to play the game
  2. I honestly have no idea what happened, but I suspect it might have to do with the steam overlay, in the austria race anyway. I can't tell for the guy in the baku race, as he isn't sure but he thinks he was talking to someone on steam right before too. The races were unranked lobbies, though the baku race was a league race and had to be restarted because of this. Once the driving players disconnect the race starts normally but their cars disappear, so they have to wait for the race to be over. It happens quite frequently so if more footage is needed, I can certainly get some. Could also try to
  3. The video basically says enough. Been on both ends of this incident now, but it really shouldn't be in the game. Watch the video
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