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  1. Start the game in Oculus VR mode and do not start SteamVR at all.
  2. Ukki1

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    How are you going to get a refund? Tell us the others who bought the Oculus Store version in vain.
  3. Ukki1

    Oculus version 1.9 ???

    I haven't noticed any difference or improvement before 1.9 update? What does Chaperone set up mean? And now I'm asking specifically for the Oculus Store version because it seems that the Steam version with oculus VR now works even better?
  4. Ukki1

    Oculus version 1.9 ???

    Here's maybe a better translation ... What improvements were made to the Dirt Rally 2.0 Oculus Store version 1.9 upgrade?
  5. Ukki1

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    Vannipo, just like that! Just the same thoughts as you. There are already signs of dishonesty in this activity. Just like pulling € 54 down the toilet seat.
  6. Ukki1

    Oculus version 1.9 ???

    What new issues or improvements came with the Dirt Rally 2.0 1.90 update to Oculus version?
  7. Are you sure you watched the "Freeplay / Time Trial" section that there aren't those countries and cars? We here in Finland are running the Club competition "4wd Finland Series" and it has four countries. In Steam I can drive all countries but in Oculus I can only drive the original countries of the game.
  8. 1.81 was a typo, I meant 1.8. I already had a mention of additional countries in version 1.7 but then I thought I'd do it later and skip it. After that, I couldn't find it anywhere else. Now, after installing 1.8, a couple of hours later, there was another country announcement and I added YES. and additional countries were run in the Freeplay / Time Trial section. ps. this is what I found in the purchase history of Oculus Home.
  9. Ukki1

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    I don't have all the CLC's but all the other countries, Sweden, Wales, Greece ..... but no DLC cars. Edit! I was bothered by that car thing and checked so the add-on cars can be found on the Freeplay side of the Oculus version too, for example the Ford Focus RS 2001 is there!
  10. I have both versions, Steam and Oculus, but just tried it out and made sure that only the Oculus Home and Dirt Rally 2.0 Oculus versions were running on the computer and I ran one stage in the Freeplay / Time trial section of Wales and Sweden. I am already 64 years old rally crazy grandfather and I have no need for Trolling in such matters.
  11. After the 1.81 update I also have Greece, Sweden and Wales in Oculus version. I can drive them on Freeplay but they haven't been on Daily or Weekly rally.