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    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    Out of interest when I’ve hit another player be it lack of concentration or a bunched up first corner the algorithm obviously knows I’m at fault, however from what I’ve seen if I’ve been the one shunted my skill points decrease. wouldnt it be a case of implementing something that associates to the instigator of the offence to lose skill points as opposed to the current setup of the i fortune guy getting hit? I cut a corner, I’m penalised, I hit another I’m penalised, illegal manoeuvres I’m penalised......shunted by a third party, skill rating penalty, I fail to see how that would have been a good idea from the off? Unless ofcourse the skill involved to NOT get hit is at question but I guess that’s a whole other issue.

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    Can confirm that after playing three races this evening and gaining 5/6 places a time that points system is shocking. lobby of 12, from back of pack to 4th twice...couple points awarded, if this is how it is then that “pure gold” trophy will take an eternity!

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    As others have asked (but no reply’s given) dies anyone have definitive info regarding the balancing of skill/safety ratings. woujd be nice to get a more in-depth look into what has been adjusted as I see no improvement over either from my experience, atleast not in skill. played a lobby of 11 qualified 10th finished 3rd, 1 point increase....one solitary point??