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  1. My download speeds has been improve and now I can play this game.Is this all career mode event I get and how many total events are there.Trophies/achievement are very hard to unlocked.
  2. This game always causes application failed and not sure this game need another update patch or do I have too many game install on my PS4 console.Not sure digital version will be better then retail version.
  3. Not sure why it takes 15 hours fully download and not sure it has to the size of the offline career mode need to be online.This is my oet peeve for an game that need to be offline only but not online only.
  4. Okay thanks I understand not sure why download speeds are horrible in your games I play.Not sure it required for me to download update patch and wait for a long time to play the game.I thought this game suppose to be a very long career mode.
  5. Not sure which version is better for me to buy or play the game offline only.Does it have some single player modes I can access.