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    VR FAQ & Performance

    Just registered to say I find it really sad to see how greed appears to be taking over the gaming industry these days. I know gaming titles being console-specific is inevitable, but this baloney that Oculus and Codemasters keep feeding their loyal consumers simply isn't. Having said this, I'm glad that I waited instead of trusting in Codemasters' promise of bringing decent VR implementation to Dirt Rally 2.0, and after seeing the mess it has turned into, I have decided to never spend a single cent on this or any of their future games. Besides, these disgraceful antics have persuaded me to just ditch my Oculus headset and never look back to any of their products as well. It's not like there aren't better options anyway. Dishonest moves like these might even relate to how both companies' products tend to go down in prices so shortly after their introduction. Will only add that -harsh as it sounds- I'm not one to feel bad for them once they finally go out of business.