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  1. deadredeyes

    Dirt Rally 2 Co Driver comments at end of stages

    Yes, it IS true. The notes are not fantastic, both in English and German and FAR from detailed and informative. Too many 1 Right (or Left) Tightens that are nothing more than hairpins, uses the term "caution" but never explains what to be cautious of, mentions of long turns that are not long at all, mentions "keep in" before jumps which should be called "6 over crest". No use at all of the very commonly used terms: plus, minus, kinks, off camber, care, grip, double caution, triple caution, and oversquare. It's missing "be brave" and "acute" from DR. Severe lack of use of the terms: braking, caution, slow, slippy, and flat out. I can keep going, because for a so-called sim the pacenotes are abysmal and are nothing like the real world terminology used in current races. They are nothing more than simplified versions of pace notes.
  2. deadredeyes

    Dirt Rally 2 Co Driver comments at end of stages

    They really simplified the living hell out of the co-driver, it's nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator / mega-noob. The notes pale in comparison to Dirt Rally. Even the new WRC8 game has better notes!
  3. deadredeyes

    DIRT RALLY 3.0 : locations you want back

    I'd love all of them, but I'd prefer a new engine that's optimized for realistic lengths of current rally locations. Give me Mexico, Turkey, Corsica, Germany (non-Panzerplatte locations), Chile, Sardegna, Portugal, and more of Monte Carlo. While I'm not expecting the full 215 miles of Tour De Corse, it would be nice to have at least a 1/4 of each of these locations. I'd gladly pay a gnarly premium price for all of that, sans modding capabilities.
  4. deadredeyes

    The Pacenotes Thread

    Step up and make videos with better notes then.
  5. deadredeyes

    analog handbrake

    That's not a confirmation, he said he'd bring it up. Don't jump the gun there. A lot of us have been waiting very patiently since launch for a proper analog handbrake, so I highly appreciate you asking @PJTierney
  6. deadredeyes

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    I switched over to the German co-driver to see if they were better, and I was thoroughly disappointed. Also realized there's 0 mention of "kinks" where there are a ton, especially in Poland, that could be incredibly handy, and very few mentions of "braking" when going into turns or hairpins.
  7. deadredeyes

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    The calls in this game are abysmal, and the fact that they simplified it even more so that n00bs could understand really ruins the immersion. There's zero use of the term acute, too many 1 Right (or Left) Tightens that are nothing more than hairpins, uses the term "caution" but never explains what to be cautious of, mentions of long turns that are not long at all, mentions "keep in" before jumps which should be called "6 over crest". What's worse of all is that there is no plus or minus use in this game. Bloody hell.
  8. deadredeyes

    Blow off valve audio still not playing

    Dropping code! Oh man, that is damn good. I hope they'll implement the changes.
  9. I've always found this to be incredibly annoying, though I don't expect CM to do anything about it due to the current apathetic nature of the company.
  10. deadredeyes

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    The dairy company I used to do IT work for has a 24/7 based IT system and their net worth is just 20% of CM's net worth. Just so I can state this again to make things blatantly obvious, a small dairy company in the middle of nowhere USA has a more reliable IT staff & infrastructure than CM and make nowhere near the amount of money that CM does. I guess CM's priorities are clear, i.e. "Give me $90 for an unreliable product." I honestly don't know what's worse here. The fact that there's no IT services available for the weekend (when I can reset servers on my iPhone) or the “I really don't care, do u?” attitude about the massive amount of unsportsmanlike cuts that are egregiously littered throughout the entire game, effecting every stage, rendering leaderboard times completely useless. I guess I should just be thankful and buy the Super Deluxe Uber Edition of DR2.0, because you seemingly can't afford to care about anything at this point. Not even an official statement on your twitter account and it's past 8 a.m. in the UK right now.
  11. deadredeyes

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    I do not see an apology in that reply by PJ Tierney, and of course they don't have anyone working during the weekends to make sure that the DRM service is up. Disgusting. He can't even say a simple, "we're sorry for the problems." That's some woefully inept PR work right there. They're bringing in millions of dollars to the company, but they don't want to make sure that their infrastructure is solid by having one IT guy employed on staff to work the weekends. That is completely unacceptable for a corporation of their stature.
  12. deadredeyes

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    This is beyond embarrassing, CM. Seriously. Not only do I get kicked from my own online championships today (I also witnessed 14 people having the same issue in our Discord) but now I lost all of my credits, cars and career mode progression. $90 NOT WELL SPENT. And you want another $30 for Season 3 and 4? There are MOBILE apps that have better implemented DRM and online services than your company. Couple that with your lack of respect for sportsmanship and the community with your inability to address the copious problems with the ridiculous amount of cuts (let's just call it off-roading) in every country, you're really coming off as a money grubbing company right now. To think that I've defended your position for being the only decent Rally game out there just makes me sick.
  13. deadredeyes

    RaceNet Server Donation

    Since you guys cannot keep your RaceNet servers up and running without disconnections, getting kicked from championships, or losing all credits and career mode progression I would love to donate a server on the west coast. I also have another on the east coast and in Finland. Seriously. How much more money can I give you guys so I don't have to deal with your RaceNet issues? This is ridiculous. Over 20 people in my Discord community get together from all over the world every Sunday to have a day of Rallying together, but RaceNet keeps dropping us from the championships we're creating. Please, fix your servers.
  14. I was just streaming with some friends and setup an online custom championship for all of us, right before we were going to race, I got a message saying that I had been kicked from the online session that I myself had created. I mean, how in the hell is that even possible? This happened shortly after a friend of mine started a custom championship and I was randomly kicked as well, which needless to say was utterly embarrassing to happen during a stream. For what it's worth all of my game files validated 100% and I have ZERO mods or custom liveries installed.