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  1. More VR thoughts: Noticed that the crowds have a HUGE performance hit when turned on to low or any other setting other than being set to OFF. When set to off, my headroom opens up 20% or more. I don't know if it's just the New England stages, but sometimes my lights blink on and off 3 times then shut off for a second, and repeats for most of the stage. While spectating the newly released Peugeot Rally 2000s car, I can hear nothing but constant redlining in first gear. Night levels are really ugly, and seemingly have an 8 bit color palette. Also, when the lights are shut of
  2. Would be incredibly helpful for there to be a better option for screen mirroring in VR (with Oculus SDK), i.e. combining both eyes, instead of having each eye being rendered separately on the mirror screen. The menu screen is very washed out, and opening it in game is even worse. Either have the screen rendered closer or increase text size. Fixing the drivers seat position is incredibly strange from car to car. You sit up awfully high in the Lancia Delta S4 and can't lower the seating position at all, and for most cars it's really hard to get the steering wheel lowered enough. It w
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