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  1. again and again and again... waiting for hours till someone joins... when do u start to fix ranked?? @BarryBL
  2. i was staying here in this lobby for 30min, no ppls joining... this makes no sens to be honest after this i restart my pc and tried it again and nothing changed..
  3. when i was unranked i found a lot ranked games but now im high ranked i never find a lobby... this is so annoying.... i want to play ranked, cant enjoy the game... pls do something
  4. ???????? he is talking about tracklimits da-fuq?????????????????
  5. i know it will nothing change, like i saw in past. just a shame that codemasters has the license for himself, a second party would be great for the competition, then codemasters would move his ass 😎🤙
  6. https://youtu. be/PNwPpqaLE60 watch it at 3.49min
  7. even u lose ur rear and dont gain time u will get penalized, i never had such a problem in 2019. and every fight u get pushed off track u get penalized aswell. its no fun at all
  8. why should it be harder in a race then in 2019?? makes ns... if i see answers like ragequit's, then i have no hope for a good formula 1 2020
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