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  1. Customization: Suit, cap and car with your name and nationality flag. Choose helmet manufacturer (Arai, Bell, Schuberth, Stilo) Edit helmet parts (visor, wings, transparency) Edit cap (straight brim or curved brim) Cutscenes: Add cutscenes to your driver. (Beginning and end of events) Add cutscenes with your teammate or team leader. Add cutscenes outside the car. (There is life in Paddock and Boxes) Modify the camera style of the interview by showing your driver instead of the reporter. (Similar to FIFA) Modify location of interviews. (Interviews should take place at Paddock's playpen or press conference) Interviews must take place at the end of all races. Social networks: Create a Fan Network (Similar to NBA 2k)

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Option on / off driver transfer. I do not want to see Hamilton in Renault with Mercedes helmet or Vettel in Mercedes with Ferrari helmet and so on. It irritates the eye of the beholder. But for those who like the feature, just turn it on. That would please all audiences.