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  1. Thanks for thumbs up much appreciated hope we can keep in touch.

    1. Theseus


      For sure man I’m around a lot 

  2. Skyfallshane

    Formula Australia league.

    Just Head's up to everyone here that there is Fantastic Australia Oceania league on Xbox and PS4. Called Formula Australia Oceania league. You can find full details on there Facebook page under Forumla Australia Oceania league. There Race Friday evenings. Saturday afternoon is PS4 League, Sunday afternoon Xbox League. F2 League Racing is on Friday nights. All Race's are on Australia ADET Time zone. League is Based in Newcastle NSW Australia. They Discord for Game chat. They certain Assits and have attitude Clean Racing and Close Racing is what you looking for then Formula Australia Oceania league. Is the place it well run and is Admin Team are brilliant. All Race's are 50 % Race Distance. Full Qualifying Q1 Q2 Q3. If you would like more information about this brilliant League please check them out on Facebook. Thanks for allowing me to posted this up.
  3. Skyfallshane

    Xbox update

    First thanks for brilliant work and fantastic looking Game. Much appreciated 👍 Would very like to know when is Xbox Update coming I know you are extremely busy but could really use some news I when it will arrive. Thanks for your your hard work and brilliant work on F1 2020.
  4. Skyfallshane


    In Xbox settings yes or tv settings.
  5. Skyfallshane

    When the next update gonna come out

    What will be main areas you will be fixing. And any news on F1 2020 release date. Continue the brilliant work and outstanding work on brilliant game.👍👍
  6. Skyfallshane

    When the next update gonna come out

    Will this be for Xbox & PS4. Thanks for great work and Great Game.
  7. Skyfallshane

    Formula Australia league.

    If you are interested in clean and competitive Racing then you seriously need check out Formula Australia league and Oceania League Championship all part of formula Australia. We are 100% clean respectful league with a great bunch of guys. So if you are interested then check out our Facebook page formula Australia you will not be disappointed great racing and 100% clean and enjoyable guaranteed.
  8. Skyfallshane

    Hi From Australia

    Hi I am new here to I currently race in the Formula Australia league and formula Australia Oceania League. We are on Xbox One. Our Facebook page Formula Australia has all details.
  9. Skyfallshane

    Thanks for allowing me to join

    Hi and thanks for letting me join this amazing group of people. Hello from Newcastle NSW Australia. I race in the formula Australia league on Xbox One.