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  1. criptero

    F1 suddenly brakes

    Hello, I am experiencing the following problem: Playing F1, my car suddently brakes, and I have to push full the brake to release it. Ple, could someone help me with this issue?
  2. criptero

    F1 2019 crashes after serveral minutes

    Hi guys, thank you for your help! Using directx11 solved as workaround for the issue! 🙂
  3. criptero

    F1 2019 crashes after serveral minutes

    Thank you Cobalt, It's crashes always after serveral minutes of playing. My platform is PC with the last patch 1.09. It crashes both, in single and multiplayer (with and without AI). After crashing a dump file is generated. I am using logitec wheel and radeon grpahic car. It's exactly the same configuration that with 2018, wich doens't generate any problem to me. I have checked game integrity and is OK. I attach a few files that maybe can help. crash_dump#553926-20190824-182144-0.zip DxDiag.txt F1 2019.rar
  4. Hello guys, My F1 2019 crashes always after playing several minutes. Please anybody could help me with this issue?