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  1. Fiercerain

    Career race and events

    I figured as much but it hit me when I tried to log on last night was playing during the day with no problems and I can't find any info on it. Now I know it's wide spread though thanks for the response
  2. Fiercerain

    Career race and events

    Hi I cannot access career or community challenges or my garage on xbox one also all my credits have been wiped, is this a bug/technical issue
  3. Fiercerain

    Career race and events

    No idea at the moment I've re-installed the game but still no access to career and no credits!!! and no info first time it's happened for me too
  4. Fiercerain

    Career race and events

    I can no longer sign into career and I've lost all my credits (over 10,000,000) also the garage is not available but free play still works anyone else have this issue