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  1. I also have the same issue. Only appears since the last update.
  2. This might be related. My "look behind" button on my PS4 controller is bound to "L2", and during a flashback, when rewinding, I now always look backwards during the rewind (the "rewind" is also on L2 by PS4 default). It never used to be this case, until the latest patch the game could always tell that I was in a flashback and wanted to rewind the latest flashback, and so I was rewinding time, but still looking forward. But now with the newest patch it rewinds the time AND I look backwards at the same time. I feel this might be related.
  3. trotamundos84

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    Yes, it works now
  4. trotamundos84

    Cant change ERS on Quualifying

    You can't use ERS 3 (overtake) in qualifying, only in the race and free practice. In qualifying it is set to ERS 2 (hotlap) which in return isn't available during the race or free practice. This is by design and kind of makes sense.
  5. trotamundos84

    Own Livery Editor

    It will not come because else there would be no reason for a Podium Pass.
  6. trotamundos84

    AI difficultly

    In f1 2018 I played on AI 100, for 2019 I had to lower it to 95. This year I am still playing around with the different levels, but 95 seems okay. On 90 I managed to finish 10th in the first my team race while mick Schumacher finished 19th, this really hurt immersion, and on 100 I was way off the pace. AI is stronger depending on the track, Bahrain they are faster now. Training sim is good, apart from Qualifying sim which has unrealistic expectations, like I need to go 1,5 sec faster than I usually do or I finish 20th but in actual qualifying the time is good enough for 15th
  7. trotamundos84

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    https://www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-patch-notes The only thing which was fixed was the leaderboard issue in time trial, for PS4. Hence other platforms will not receive patch 1.04
  8. trotamundos84

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    I also have the same problem. It seems everybody on PS4 is affected. This game feels more like an Open Beta...
  9. trotamundos84

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    It really is hurting immersion, also it kind of ruins the fun of let's say 100% say race length, look at Button 2011 in Canada, was a lap down and won... Please make this possible.
  10. trotamundos84

    Ai race starts

    For the first time in years, it is good. PLEASE DONT CHANGE IT
  11. trotamundos84

    How do you buy Pitcoin on PSN in Belgium?

    I am from Germany and for me it looks the same as for BelgiumDude, only options are to buy the 2 DLCs which I already own. @BarryBL What do I do if I have already spent all coins on items, including the coins I receive for leveling up? How do I purchase the next purchase pass? - There is no law in Germany which prohibits lootboxes, ie you can purchase FIFA coins etc here without problem. Thanks.