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    Career Mode Regulation Changes

    In F1 2018, at about half way through the season, there was an e-mail with "rumors say next season XXX will change, so better not invest too many points in this category" for XXX being aerodynamics, chassis, engine. Then about 2/3 in the season there was another email with "regulation change next season" with the definite information which part will change and you need to protect with points. In F1 2019, I did not see the "rumor" e-mail you used to get at halftime of the saison and also not the email regarding the definite regulation change.... I have been saving up 15.000 points because I wanted to be smart and not invest them in the category which will change next season but now I dont know which part will change and there are only a few races this season. Did anyone miss these too? After which race did those e-mails used to come in F1 2018?
  2. trotamundos84

    Career Mode Regulation Changes

    Do you know after what race the "there are rumors about a rule change" comes, and after what race the "there will be rule change" email? so that i know whrether to spend or save the points