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  1. Saraya

    DLC Wishlist - Cars and tracks

    Them not including the Supra TT has to either be a complete oversight or they're saving it for a DLC.
  2. Saraya

    Vacuum cleaners and Kettles!!!!

    I went to the australian gp last year and this year and of course the cars sound so different, but standing right next to the exit of turn 11 and 12 (the fast chicane) it was amazing, the sound was really good and the drivers getting sideways on the astroturf was simply stunning, of course the cars sound lame and boring on the tv but the turbo and whistling sound you hear in real life is undescribable.  Not if you own a Supra it isn't : )  There's nothing exotic or cutting edge sounding about the current engines and exhaust systems. They're no better than a nicely tuned inline 6 street car. 
  3. Saraya

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    My only real feedback is that the steering rotation (at any degrees) doesn't have a realistic and smooth grading. Much like Assetto Corsa, just after you enter a corner and begin to put some more lock into the wheel, the game snaps the vehicle more sharply than it should. Basically, the sensitivity is uneven and causes an odd response. It's the same as the sensation when you try to turn a car suddenly and the tires roll over in displeasure. At first they are slow to react and then you receive a sudden surge of turning response. 
  4. Saraya

    How is the AI in F1 2013?

    Much better than previous ones I believe however nowhere near realistic. Your still always fearful of getting shunted, or some uneven/inconsistent pace of the cars in front where you come upon them too quick in corners, only for them to warp ahead out of the apex and create a constant yo-yo effect.
  5. Saraya

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    All great ideas, note my bolded ones. This is something we may never see, as much like the real Formula 1, they want to appeal to a mass audience these days, instead of an enthusiast niche. Codemasters will never make a simulator. The biggest issue I find with many racing games, is the AI. I have yet to find a single simulator where I trust the AI. I'm always having to drive 'on egg shells,' braking late, or turning wide out of fear of AI rearing me off the track. Or conversely, braking early when following because I don't have confidence that the car(s) in front will keep up the pace and the general flow of traffic - which is ironic considering that to this day, AI cars are always driving at a perfect speed (where possible). When you listen to their playback, the engine notes are almost dead constant through corners, because they peg the perfect RPM. I believe it's this synthetic behavior that causes most of the domino effect and leads to the poor AI intelligence. If they were a bit more organic, they'd drive like real people, with foresight and forward thinking. Until developers get the AI right, nothing else really matters.