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  1. Chasf155

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    I've been playing f1 since 2011, really looked forward to 2019 game having got a little bored with 2018 game. I am a casual player using controller with xbox one with all assists on and love career mode but after weeks of trying I simply can't get on with it, what is wrong with brake assist in the wet, on certain corners on several tracks it simply cannot take them and in wet conditions its impossible to get around. I love Azerbaijan but in career mode after the 1st 3 laps I just can't keep it on track as the tyre degradation sets in. My point is I have never had a problem with any other previous addition and certainly didn't expect this problem with the 2019 game. I really am fed up and frustrated that I cannot get on and enjoy the game in the same way I have in past additions