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  1. Stiddy1990

    Do AI tyre lockups have an effect?

    Several times Joe, I’ve won so many positions from an AI lock up and loss of traction. That’s one of the differences I’ve noticed from 19’ to 20’. The AI makes more mistakes whereas in 19’ I barely remember them making a mistake at all.
  2. Stiddy1990

    Renault DP World Team Engine Sound.

    Thanks for this, I’ll have a look. It’s missing that MGU-K noise as you say.
  3. Stiddy1990

    Monza track limits.

    It’s very nervous is the corner cutting system on this game. I’ll use Spa as an example, this year, cars were using the run offs at Turns 9 (Les Combes), 11 (downhill to Pouhon), 15 (Stavelot) and 20 (start/finish straight) clearly crossing the white line on all of them and not one car received a black and white flag. Do it on the game and you’re two more warnings away from a penalty. Makes no sense at all. This is one of the main reasons I don’t play online, it’s just too unreliable.
  4. Stiddy1990

    Driver Career

    On one of my previous careers on F1 2020 I went to Ferrari after driving for Williams for a season. I replaced Vettel BUT he was retiring in the game. I read something somewhere else that said if you go to another team you automatically replace the No. 1 driver so Vettel at Ferrari, Hamilton at Mercedes, Verstappen at Red Bull etc... which seems wrong IMO.
  5. Stiddy1990

    Renault DP World Team Engine Sound.

    This may have been raised in the past and I’ve searched but cannot find anything relating to this. I’m at Renault in Career Mode and have noticed the engine just doesn’t sound like a Renault engine. The engine in the real world sounds pretty much like a Formula E car. This link is on board with Danny Ric at Spa The in game engine just sounds ‘generic’. Any idea if a fix is going to come for this? It’s probably the best sounding car on the grid
  6. Stiddy1990

    Preparation for a race

    I do every single practice programme, normally over FP1 & 2 and on the odd occasion I’ll jump into FP3. I find it helpful to get a feel of the setup and track conditions by putting as much laps in without affecting my component wear. The ESR, Tyre Wear, Fuel Wear and Race Strategy I find are extremely important to setting yourself up for a good weekend as your setup can affect both fuel and tyre wear. Normally I’ll do it in this order: 1.) ESR - Make sure I’m deploying energy in the right parts of the circuit. There’s no point going off and doing other programmes before you know wether or not you’re deploying your energy correctly. 2.) Track Acclimatisation - I only do this for the extra RP. 3.) Tyre Wear - hoping for green or purple here otherwise there’s something wrong with my setup and it’s back to the drawing board to make tweaks. 4.) Fuel - I only aim for green here. There’s a fine line between competitive pace and being too slow to appease the programme parameters. 5.) Race strategy - at this point if I’m happy with all the above it’s about putting it into practice over 3/5 laps (delete as appropriate). I normally do 5 laps for the extra data. 6.) Qually strategy - always the last thought on my mind. Again if all the above are tickety boo then this should come naturally. Hope this helps!
  7. Stiddy1990

    No german circuits anymore?

    As mentioned, Zandvoort is a beast and you can really push your car to the limit there. I don’t think I’ve completed a race in Hanoi, I get really frustrated and tend to retire/crash out.