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  1. Mikulitsi

    Parc fermé Bug or intended?

    Oh wow did they actually change that in the newest patch? That's great finally codies did it
  2. Mikulitsi

    F1 Esports ProSeries car power (?)

    Yeah I'm interested as well. I've always wondered what performance the equal cars use
  3. Yeah the featured events always attract some of the best drivers in the league racing community
  4. @Sir_Overtakesalot Oh you are IckleBickle? Yeah I also see your name a lot at least in the qualis for these races
  5. Yeah the Japan one I noticed after two races. I started to look at the rain icons in the strategy menu and realised it's random. Me and Terrorracer had the best race weather scenario in our first attempt but at the time we didn't realise it would be our only chance so yeah... I don't think changeable weather is fair
  6. Mikulitsi

    Different race length

    I remember F1 2011 having multiple race lengths. I'm sad that was taken away and I don't even know why
  7. This same glitch happened in the Mexico Weekly event as well where the top guy had 600k points. It's so annoying
  8. Mikulitsi

    Tyre wear scaling to race distance

    25% races have the same tyre wear from 50% races. 50% races have 2x tyre wear from 100% races
  9. Mikulitsi

    Overtake mode off by just braking

    https://streamable.com/38w8pb Look at 2:30, 2:50 and 3:35 from this video! As you can see in this great video clip which annotates the wheel adjustments, the overtake mode seems to go off after the driver is braking just like DRS would. Sainz doesn't even touch the overtake button himself to toggle it off like we have to do. I know that some people are suffering with the bug that overtake mode gets stuck. One of my friends suffers from it as well and changing how the overtake mode works would actually fix this "overtake getting stuck" bug as well. I hope this could be fixed already for this game.
  10. Mikulitsi

    Equal performance on offline - Grand Prix Mode

    Would be so lovely
  11. Mikulitsi

    (PS4) F1 Racing League on Fridays 7.30-8pm CEST

    We have now extended the TT period until this Sunday midnight
  12. Mikulitsi

    Telemetry Software: PXG F1 Telemetry

    I love that this telemetry program shows balance and suspension tilting in TT but why isn't it in GP mode or online races as well? It would be lovely to see so that I could actually change the setup according to the race fuel
  13. Mikulitsi

    The cars are too fast

    As the title says, I feel like in F1 2020, Mercedes and the online equal cars are too fast compared to real life. I see from youtube that people can already do low 2s on Austria and low to mid 12s in Hungary while in real life Mercedes could just about do high 2s in Austria and mid 13s in Hungary. I know this game is not a sim but still I wish that the lap times in this game would be at least closer to the times that they can do in real life. In game in real life Austria: 1.02.4 1.02.9 Hungary 1.12.4 1.13.4
  14. Mikulitsi


    There was a really good video about this from a German Youtuber who did an AI pace test in Japan on July 6th. Here you see the intervals between the AI levels
  15. Mikulitsi

    Showing line as an assist on the TT leaderboards

    Yes this would be fantastic