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  1. Nice to hear from you. That is a shame but completely understandable. Hopefully one day you can surprise us with some great updates
  2. @Ender0042 Is this finished now or are you planning to bring any possible updates?
  3. Noticed the same yesterday and it's so annoying...
  4. @ScaredDuck What are your camera settings? That Merc onboard looks fantastic
  5. Now for league racing can just practice in GP mode with the car you're going to use in the league race. It's an absolute godsend
  6. As in the title, reserves in the league mode should be taking points for themselves. Since the start of the league mode, every reserve can only get points for the driver they're substituting... Why??? This isn't even realistic as in real life where a reserve driver like Hülkenberg last season took points for himself in the driver standings. Those points didn't get given to Perez so why does the game do this. This is the reason big leagues in the game can't use the league system because the reserve driver system is not right at all. Every league have lots of reserves and if they can
  7. I'd love to know how does the weather get decided for each track. Different % of chance of rain for each track and then it's just RNG if you get rain or not?
  8. Or here: Twitch stream is actually ahead of the Youtube stream so I prefer that
  9. @StrongestFish Also any chance that you could share the fom car files?
  10. @Revioli so wait do you know what COMY and COMZ mean and what do they do exactly if modified higher or lower?
  11. @StrongestFish You're an absolute legend for sharing all those files
  12. Wait what is this handling bug? Must've missed it
  13. Welp Jarno finally made this video
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