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  1. zerotime

    Ego Dumber crash

    Hello Same Crash Same issue with 1.181. you See my Crash file ?? With my id??
  2. zerotime

    Ego Dumber crash

    Hello, Okay, check it out tonight. many thanks
  3. zerotime

    Ego Dumber crash

    Hi, When did the update come? Played on Saturday night and it came from 6 games 6 times before. My Steam ID 050119041986 I sent the report yes. If I can help somehow let me know. with a diagnostic program or something else.
  4. zerotime

    Ego Dumber crash

    Hi, Play games on the PC via steam. It was a Lan game, another player was there, the rest was AI driver. Game version 1.18 The game was normal, it's just the problem that occurred during the round. There was an error message and I also sent the report. Problem with ego Dumber. After the failure we have tried it again and this time it is easy it happened after 14 rounds in the race. The picture and sound is frozen for 5-8 seconds. Then the error message came back Crash Ego Dumber. The Dx file I have inserted above. Play with the G29 steering wheel. before the update to 1.18 this problem has not been.
  5. zerotime

    Ego Dumber crash

    Hello fellow colleagues Have since the last update again the problem that crashes the ego Dumber. This time is always different times, Sometimes in training Sometimes in the middle of the race. Weigh in the lan game. Have already made the following things: 1st game reinstalled 2. Updated all drivers. 3. Perform all Windows updates 4. All antivirus programs disabled DxDiag.txt
  6. zerotime

    Sound problem on two different PC´s

    one one PC yes, on the other not.
  7. Hello everybody Driving all current f1 games for 3 years, unfortunately we have problems with the sound again and again in the current game. that one does not hear his car. have it on 2 different PC's but the same problem.