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  1. SHORT STORY: Please introduce the ability to customise car performance for each vehicle (admin ONLY) in leagues in order to close the gap between fast and slower drivers: "real performance" is not enough. This will give us the ability to use multiplayer cars in our league as well since now only "equals" option can be selected. LONG STORY: Hello we are an amateur league, running on from almost 5 years now. We have a very different roster that varies from dedicated to casual players. We are all close friends that now live in different places or even countries and playing F1 is still our passion. We are not a lot (13ish) so we don't have the possibility and want to create two distinct leagues: we want to play altogether not in two or even three separate championships. As you can imagine, the races are unbalanced and some of us are 2-3 seconds faster and never do mistakes while others do mistakes and lose precious time in corners. To alleviate this issue, we are using cars with the option "real performance" and we are giving the slowest car to the faster guys, but still there are gaps and for some guys is impossible to compete for the victory. This is not we want, we would like to give to the slower guy a car that can compensate his/her slowness with extra power. So Codemaster please why don't you introduce the possibility to customise the vehicle performance? A slider that gives you the ability to add +% (or decrease) power to a specific car and that can be managed only by the admin. This will give us the ability to use even our lovely multiplayer cars that currently are out of the scope since their performance can be set only to "equals". Thanks and regards Nicola P.S. My league web site: https://f1abruzzoedintorni.wordpress.com/
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    F1 2018 and F1 2019 multiplayer

    Thanks a lot mate
  3. Hi guys, can you please confirm me the following: 1) is F1 2018 multiplayer architecture based on peer2peer? 2) is F1 2019 multiplayer architecture based on peer2peer? 3) if yes to one of the above, is there any way to setup a dedicated server? Regards Nicola
  4. Hello, I'm planning to create an online championship with some friends. The issue that I'm facing is that we are a bunch of guys with different skills so the races will be unbalanced. Is there any way to add handicap to a specific driver in order to make it slower and have a more well balanced racing experience? BEFORE you say it, we have already given him the worst possible car (williams), but still he is too fast. I was thinking about changing car performance files, but I'm not sure how to do it and I'm worried that this would block him to join our multiplayer session. Any idea/advice? Thanks and regards
  5. Hi guys, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support: not all the software houses does this and this is awesome. Despite what the other users said in this forum, I have always found F1 2019 a nice game and now with all the patches is even better. Thanks again