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  1. xtreme racing league weekly line. If you like the look please join us on discord link below. We are a xbox and pc league. Xtreme Racing Leagues Discord
  2. Gaz81

    Xtreme Racing League (xbox 1 )

    Xtreme_racing_league (xbox) We looking for poeple are intrested in streaming and becoming commentators on ate dedicated twitch channels. Races times are 5pm, 7pm and 8pm ( Uk) on a Sunday. Intrested connect us on are discord server. https://discord.gg/r7KjhkA
  3. Fancy being the next Murray Walker on are dedicated twitch channels. Then contact xtreme_racing_league on the discord link below Race times are on a Sunday , x1 at 5pm, x2 at 8pm and x3 at 7pm. We an xbox league https://discord.gg/r7KjhkA
  4. Gaz81


    Coming soon on Xbox 1 Limit Racing League by Xtreme Racing League WEDNESDAYS 8:30 PM CST F1 2019 CARS SHORT QUALY 50% DISTANCE STRICT CORNER CUTTING For more detail join us on discord and ask for XRL Lopez https://discord.gg/yzTCpbq