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  1. i remember seeing on discord that ppl had issues with fanatec drivers but i cant remember if it was for dirt rally 2.0 or some other racing game. Try to move back your driver version a few steps.
  2. You can't compare runs runs if you have different stage degradation and worn tyres so don't compare your previous runs with what you do at a later point, unless it's the same conditions ie. time trial.
  3. try to repair your game on steam library > properties > local files > verify integrity of game files
  4. Another cool video from Jon Armstrong
  5. It have been down for about 2h30m now and not a single word..
  6. the service is not available. Steam, EU. error code ends with 58-58.
  7. The server refused your connection attempt... Steam, Europe.
  8. Thanks! On the first stage of the 2nd stint i hit one of those damn concrete saplings but I got away without a puncture but i gave me some damage. No huge mistakes other than that though. It's brave to take the Porsche for 3 long stages between services!
  9. Did you just confirm Dirt Rally 3.0?
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