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    VR FAQ & Performance

    The rift is 1080x1200 per eye and if i want to get as close at possible as that in steamvr i have to set it to 46% which gives me 1100x1316 per eye and it doesnt look anywhere near the native resolution. Its like looking through a bottle of water. 😕
  2. somethingthing

    VR FAQ & Performance

    I see. In steamVR i have the scale to 100%. I thought u meant that 100% would give 1.4 ss.
  3. somethingthing

    VR FAQ & Performance

    No performance improvements in the patch notes. I was buying into DR1 the first day it was available in early access and bought DR2 on the day of release. You just lost one (previously happy) customer with this ********.
  4. somethingthing

    VR FAQ & Performance

    When do you expect we will get an answer if native oculus support will be implemented? The game takes up around 75GB on my SSD and i want to know if im going to keep it installed or not. Bad news are better than no news in this case. Im also looking forward to what improvements the upcoming patch will give us this week aswell.