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  1. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Do anyone else think that the tarmac on gravel stages feels better than in actual tarmac stages? Its a bit difficult to just say that its actually better considering the small time you drive on it each time but id probably drive more tarmac rally if it had the same feeling. Now I just stay away from it.
  2. Ability to set steering lock in the tuning menu would be neat if the car/era allowed it.
  3. somethingthing

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I did the club just now. Two shakedowns and it felt ok soi started the race and flipped the car in like the 4th turn or something like that. Im sure it was the devil himself that came up with right hand drive cars! 😄
  4. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Im sure no one thinks that theres 9 million players that are actively playing DR2. But I think theres quite a lot thats actually still play it. I checked the daily from yesterday and there was 4165 that had joined it. I can only speak for myself but it took a couple of months before i even started getting into dailys and such and my guess is that a huge part just stick to singleplayer. Another example is last weeks weekly challenge which had 8245 participants.
  5. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    On steamspy it estimates between 500k-1million sold copies on PC. That is pretty good for a racing game! Project Cars 2 has the same estimation and Assetto Corsa: Competizione have 200k-500k to give examples with games that most of us know about.
  6. The social media manager asked an expert about it two and a half weeks ago though.
  7. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Which countries is it in the monthly r2 challenge?
  8. somethingthing

    Clubs have disappeared?

    Pretty old post but I have had up to 36 clubs showing but other times theres been issues with only 34 active clubs. It seems to be completely random.
  9. somethingthing

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Im in on the gr.b without 205 and lancia!
  10. somethingthing

    Learning on the job

    Theres only wet tyres on tarmac stages. Or did they take away te option on tarmac in the dailys?
  11. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/16-dirt-rally-20/
  12. Another audio preset that makes the sound "muffled" like it would be with a helmet on. Same goes for the co-driver, having the pacenotes sound like they from come from a radio, maybe its very good quality nowdays but i doubt it sounds as crystal clear as phill do.
  13. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    To me it wasnt just the lenght but the air time, it was almost like it had wings in the air in a weird way. Difficult to explain exactly what i mean. 😕 Yeah its very difficult to tell the speed with the rally gt's, they are insanely quick! Thanks for trying!
  14. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    I just did a club in the Ford Mustang in Finland and its air time felt crazy to its weight. I would go as far as say that it felt broken. Can anyone else try that combo and give your opinion about it?
  15. somethingthing

    Hi, ich bin neu hier.

    I dont understand german so dont know if you already know this but tarmac, gravel and snow is 2 different setup slots. Even if you save tarmac and gravel in the same category, which it looks like you have, you wont be able to choose on or the other.
  16. somethingthing

    More in sorrow than in anger

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1038250/DIRT_5/ Maybe this is what you looking for?
  17. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yeah I have noticed that one a while ago too and reported it. Yep, I was brave enough to test the links on an old PC and it came to a place for free(?) browser games but it probably contained some nasty stuff. havent seen that one in a while that was spamming chinese letters in the topic with a link though but when i reported it the posts where quickly deleted so kudos for that!
  18. somethingthing

    Shakedown survey (+ how do I improve?)

  19. somethingthing

    Saving car setups across re-install

    Im like 99% positive that it dont work but maybe you could store the game on another SSD/Harddrive during the install of your new parts and then copy the files back and do a verification of the game files.
  20. somethingthing

    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    Maybe its some difference between the 7 gear we have in game and the 6 gear version? If i remember correctly they changed it from being 7 to 6 gear but i might be wrong about that. The Ford can be fast though but its very important to not make any mistakes. Also it feels like it flips over much easier than the other group A cars so while its fairly easy to get away with taking the inside in some turns with other cars (not talking about cutting the track) it takes some luck to not hit anything that will flip it over - or that you know the stage very well. Greece and Wales are locations where im surprised if i havent put the car on its roof during a club and not trusting the car wont let you push it as hard. Same goes for the subaru 01' but thats another topic 😛
  21. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Whats the locations in the monthly 2000cc challenge?
  22. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Since its digital shouldnt it be possible to easily change between kph and mph?
  23. More setup slots. As it is now you can not even have one for each country and it would also be nice to have enough slots for both wet and dry stages. Not sure if it has been mentioned but also being able to see about penalties in the leaderboard (clubs). Dont force us to set manual clutch override in assists when driving cars that has a clutch. When driving trough water puddles let us feel it in the FFB. Now its theres only a couple that actually affects the car. Im sure this been up but let us see in the leaderboards what kind of assists others use and if they on a wheel, gamepad or keyboard.
  24. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Its cool and all if the car is as close to reality as possible but since R5 probably is one of the 2 (?) classes thats somewhat balanced it would suck if a "c4" or a "lancia" got added.