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  1. I heard a streamer complain about worse performance since the last patch. Hes also on Xbox.
  2. I dont play with a gamepad myself. However, I would sacrifice gamepad support if we get VR-support day 1. 🙂
  3. somethingthing

    I just wanted to learn to drive faster ...

    Another reason to turn off the grass on PC is because the terrible rendering distance and to me its very annoying in VR. For now i have ground cover set to high but when it starts to get on my nervs again i will turn it off. It adds a bit more feeling of speed with ground cover on. I dont use cuts no matter if i have grass on or off and i dont feel that one is "easier" than the other.
  4. i really hope they will fix the color banding before they jump to the next game.
  5. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    This wont make me faster but who cares. Almost Scotland 😄
  6. somethingthing

    No flat tires or unlimited spares as an assist

    Its better to just ask for them to implement a "no damage" setting.
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  8. Try to 1) delete your config file and 2) verify integrity of the game on steam. I have absolutely no performance issues and i havent seen anyone else complain about it neither. If your camera view changes randomly it sounds more like a tracking issue than a game issue. What do you mean you set to 16x and 8x? Do other games still work good? Maybe a bad driver update?
  9. I just joined and have a question; I did not see anything in the rules so i assume the car choice is free or should we use the same one during the whole championship?
  10. somethingthing

    problem with license agreement

    Try to scroll all the way down in the text and see if that makes it possible to accept
  11. I dont have crashes i only tagged a dev so its a bigger chance of him seeing the thread 🙂
  12. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Guys, they added more monthlies/weeklies 😄
  13. somethingthing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Do anyone know why they stopped using group b in the expert club?
  14. The cuts could be solved to some degree by adding trees and stones.
  15. Very solid point, i hope they have thought about this.
  16. somethingthing

    The DiRT Rally School

    Theres 6 lessons left. Hopefully it will be something for everyone 🙂
  17. Are the scenarios going to be something like he had a crash in the middle of a stage and you take over with a very damaged car or how will they play out?
  18. I noticed something while driving at Wales and that is that the pop up grass seems to be completely random depending what the game decides to when its launched. I had a lot of pop up just now as i was playing but i restarted the game and BOOM it was much better all of a sudden. The devs probably knows whats loaded when the game is started that has to do with textures and could maybe find the issue? i attach my settings if that could help Oculus rift and running trough steam I use 0 AF ingame but have it set to 16 in the nvidia control panel hardware_settings_config_vr.xml
  19. somethingthing

    DLC in club championships

    You will be able to join online lobbies even if you dont got the specific DLC though iirc
  20. somethingthing

    Dirt Rally 2.0 R5 Cars List ?

    No thats not possible
  21. Better explanation about graphics settings. Nvidia does it pretty good in GE
  22. This has been reported since Oculus SDK got released but it seems like they dont care or dont know how to fix it. If you use SteamVR it will look better to the cost of performance and ASW wont work as good as in Oculus SDK.
  23. On a couple of spots in Finland the fog can really be "in your face".
  24. somethingthing

    Starting from Zero

    What happens if you go into options & extras > profile > save management and reset everything? I thought that was if you wanted to have a fresh start?