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  1. Zeason

    Crashing to Desktop

    Someone suggested me on Steam forums to disable Advanced Blending in Advanced Graphics options. That did the trick for me, hope it helps you as well.
  2. Zeason

    Crashing to Desktop

    I've been searching everywhere for a solution to this problem, but there seems that only a few people have it and no one has ever found a fix. The problem is simple, any time I'm racing I get a crash to desktop, there's a small 1 second freeze and then the game closes. It happens randomly at any point in a race. I tried many solutions like setting Windows 7 as compatibility, disabling fullscreen optimizations, that cpu config change (even though I have a 4 core CPU), disabling OC and UV, closing MSI Afterburner before launching the game, changing USB ports, verifying game files, but nothing worked so far. My specs are: - CPU: Intel Core I5 3330 - Motherboard: Intel DH67CL - RAM: 12GB DDR3 - GPU: AMD Vega 56 (with 19.5.2 driver) - SSD 1TB with 700 GB free - Windows 10 v.1803 - Windows page file is set to auto So far this is the only game that is giving me problems. I'm attaching the .mdmp files and dxdiag log. DxDiag.txt drt_1145105_crash_2019_9_1T14_56_15C0.mdmp