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  1. BlacklistGT1

    (Xbox One) Game Crashes after Race and Qualifying

    Ok This seems to happen in the Touring Cars discipline I tried another discipline and it's fine. Any assistance is appreciated.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to start the International Super Tourers Championship in the Touring Car Discipline and I keep getting this issue where everytime I finish a race or finish qualifying, the game freezes and crashes when I hit continue. I tried another championship "City Tourers Championship" and the same issue is apparent where I just do one qualifying lap and the game crashes afterwards. Is anyone else having this issue? Thank You
  3. BlacklistGT1

    Cannot Start GRID on Xbox One

    Hello, This topic's probably been covered, but it seems that I can't play GRID on my Xbox One right now. The game disc is in, I restarted my console multiple times and every time I launch the game, it shows the titlescreen and then takes me straight back to the home menu. Is it the cause of a patch update, cause it seems I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. Thank You
  4. BlacklistGT1

    Game won't start after update

    GRID won't load on Xbox One Everytime I click on it it goes to the title screen and then takes me back to the main menu
  5. BlacklistGT1

    DLC Issue

    Hello, I have the deluxe edition of Dirt Rally 2.0 with all of the season 1 and 2 content, unfortunately I bought the European version, so I had to create a third account on my PS4 for that region to download the dlc. I have been able to use all of the season 1 and 2 dlc on my main US account however. The issue I'm having is that yesterday I bought the Season 3 and 4 Pass on my main account, but it's not showing up in "My Add-On's" section when I open the game in my library. It says I have it purchased but it's not appearing in my main PSN account, but when I switch over to my European account, I can access the "My Add-On's" there and it shows everything for Season 1 and 2. When I tried downloading the two cars, nothing is happening. I tried restarting the game, deactivating and reactivating my main account as my primary account, and now I'm reinstalling the game, but I still can't access the "My Add-Ons in my main US account to access the S3 and S4 pass content. Can you please help assist with this issue? Thank You,