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  1. Utica

    Game won’t load

    On IPad game won’t load and update isn’t available in the App Store Tried rebooting device @ChrisGrovesMCM
  2. noticed the sun in my eyes on the Austin track so went to Monaco to see if there was any difference coming out of the tunnel. No change there.
  3. I’m thinking now that the year has ended my VIP membership is expired and blocking access to the regular box
  4. Utica

    Big update?

    Worked for me too but took about 17 tries to delete the message. Thanks
  5. Utica

    Big update?

    Same issue for me. Loaded update, Started getting failures, loaded patch, still no go. Ran IOS update, still no good. Report an issue screen inaccessible in game.
  6. @CMF1mobile still unable to race in weekend events. Good qualifying, crashing on race start.
  7. Thanks. I did file a report, waiting on a reply. FYI now crashing in single race mode too. @CMF1mobile
  8. Next update doesn’t solve the issue that I had to run Japan and now Mexico in re-play and am not eligible for rewards.