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  1. @CMF1mobile still unable to race in weekend events. Good qualifying, crashing on race start.
  2. Thanks. I did file a report, waiting on a reply. FYI now crashing in single race mode too. @CMF1mobile
  3. Next update doesn’t solve the issue that I had to run Japan and now Mexico in re-play and am not eligible for rewards.
  4. Utica

    Codemasters strike back!

    I just wish I could run the race.
  5. Because 80% of non-qualifying duels would be: Me - Effing cheater! Oppo - BWAAAAHAAHAAA!
  6. Utica

    Crashing game during event load

    I was unable to complete Belgium because of loading errors and am now getting the same on the replay.
  7. It is BS that we get charged a CR penalty to continue the event when the game crashes during loading.
  8. The same happened to me. Able to play duels and singles but not the race.