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  1. Criptoniite

    Bad things in F1 2019

    You forgot to include all the bad stuff coming with the league's organisations : - Too much vote dependent - Can't have reserve drivers - Admins don't have that much control Also, you can't ingore the following facts : - Quite a lot of tracks have a very bad 3D models - The FFB (force feedback) gives no to very little informations concerning the car stability - The cars are too understeery - The penalty system is way too unconsistent and probably needs a complete remake - There are way too much glitches with the pit stops and VSC/SC I surely forgot some other points but it shows the F1 games need (a lot of) changes. But yeah, I agree with everything written above 🙂
  2. I've always been a big fan of F1. I perfectly know all tracks and all of their corners. Playing the F1 games definitely help me in that sense. But after playing them for more than 4 years, I can easily tell you what's wrong with the tracks' reproduction. Let's take an example: Spain, it is, by far, the most unrealistic track on that game. Our beloved Codies got it entirely wrong. It is quite easy to understand: play another racing game where this circuit is available (e.g. GT Sport, a game where the track models are very realistic). The kurbs are very badly designed, the elevation changes are messed up, there are bumps that shouldn't be there, the run-off areas are too big or too small, the distances between 2 corners have been sometimes miscalculated. The easiest way to proove that is to take a look at the last sector and especially at the last chicane. In real life, the chicane is flat and there is quite a big distance between the two apexes. However in this game, it just feels wrong: the second part of the chicane seems to be 0.50m lower than the first apex and the distance between the two is way too small. Spain is sadly only an example. There are quite a lot of tracks that need changes in that aspect. I don't want Codies to spend tons of money to laser scan all the tracks even though it is and will always the best option available. You can have great track models by putting more effort into it. It would be great if Codies could remake all the tracks on the current game to make them more similar to what it is in real life. I love playing the F1 games and really appreciate the work that Codies put in every year. I'm not here, writting, to point out what's wrong in order to unleash all my anger on them. The only thing I had in mind when writing this was to make them understand that something is wrong and needs to be change. Thanks for reading!