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  1. Hi, Hoo OMG ITS FIX THANKS YOU , I'm so happy i will play again thanks to you and i'am really grateful for your time to help me again THANKS YOU !
  2. Hi, Thanks for the answer, i really appreciate that, now i can understand a little bit what happening and why i cant play in multiplayer mode . So : Joining a Ranked Multiplayer match of 5 laps : I just got an error that i cant join the lobby Joining a Ranked Multiplayer match of 25% : It's the same thing that happened for ranked Multiplayer match of 5 laps Joining an Unranked Multiplayer session : Creating my own Unranked Multiplayer session : I can create my own lobby but nobody can join .
  3. Someone can help please still the same error I got I really need help I don’t understand why this error is here
  4. Hello there, Now its will be 6 days , I can’t play on online cause of this error code and i don’t understand what i can do . Cause i check everything or almost, i have an subscription at Xbox live still working (cause yes i’m Playing on Xbox) i have few time uninstall and reinstall my game I check also my network I have the fibrer . But nothing change still the same error please help me cause I buy f1 just for play in multiplayer and it will be very nice to have some help and thanks for your future help .
  5. stussy4

    Still ERROR cickme out from multiplayer

    I saw same thing that happened in the past and always on xbox. Codemasters have to do something cause its not normal. I cant believe we paid a game whose we doesn't have the possibility to play at everthing .
  6. stussy4

    Still ERROR cickme out from multiplayer

    And can you go in a lobby or not ? Because me I can’t join one lobby ! By the way are you on Xbox ?
  7. stussy4

    Still ERROR cickme out from multiplayer

    hello, i'm in the same case that you. Now you can play ? Or you are still in the same situation ?